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Case Priority / Business Impact

1 – Critical (Client Down)
A system-wide problem; one that prevents the Customer from continuing fundamental business processes and causes an immediate impact on the Customer’s business. No timely workaround exists.
2 – High (Major Disrupt)
A problem that affects one or more modules of the system; a problem that prevents the Customer from performing an important function of the office’s normal business process. A workaround is not available.
3 – Medium (Minor Disrupt or HW)
System feature or peripheral hardware purchased by Thomson Reuters is malfunctioning or inoperative, but an alternative procedure exists to achieve business needs; a problem that impacts individual users or workstations (not system wide). The problem does not prevent operation of the software.
4 – Low (No Business Impact / Information Request)
Includes cosmetic issues such as misspellings, part of letters falling off the screen or report print-outs, incorrect punctuations, etc.; also includes problems that happen intermittently, for which root causes are being determined or which cannot be reproduced. This category is also used to characterize information requests. The problem has no business impact.

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