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OnBalance Express

Cloud-based accounting tool for small businesses

Why choose OnBalance Express

Help your small business clients run their business from anywhere.

Thomson Reuters OnBalance Express web and mobile app combines the accessibility and security of cloud accounting with easy to-use dashboards, so your small business clients can easily track and manage customer information and cash flow, and securely send their data to you.

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What you get with our small business accounting software

Sync bank accounts

With support for more than 1,000 financial institutions, the live bank feeds functionality brings in transactions pre-categorized to reduce tedious data entry tasks.

Send electronic invoices

Send out email invoices to clients that directly link to payment processing.

Manage sales and income

Track outstanding sales, and set up recurring invoices for clients that are billed monthly.

Track customer transactions

Your clients can track their customers' transactions in OnBalance for simplified invoice management.

Reduced manual entry

Automatically capture data from your clients' receipts using optical character recognition (OCR) technology and populate it in the expense transaction using the mobile app.

Mileage Tracking

Your clients can use the mobile app to automatically track mileage or add trips to manage their mileage deductions.

I found OnBalance [Express] to be a very useful tool for my business needs. I was able to access all my business information on one site, which made it very convenient. The website was very easy to use and intuitive. It had all the features I would expect from a well-designed site that manages your business information.
I use OnBalance [Express] on an almost daily basis for my business needs. I also use the online software to keep track of my vendors, expenses, and income for tax purposes at the end of the year.
Simplify income and expense tracking for your small business clients and improve your workflow with the OnBalance Express integration with Accounting CS.

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