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Support your self-employed clients with mobile tax tools

Why choose OnBalance Self-Employed

Most of your self-employed clients would love to spend less time on their day-to-day tax tasks, and more on the work they do best. Thomson Reuters OnBalance Self-Employed is cloud-based tax application that helps them do just that. Using the easy-to-use mobile app or online dashboard, they can easily manage their income and businesses expenses as they go. Your clients will automatically be connected to you, so you can import their data at any time into UltraTax CS and work seamlessly with them to prepare their taxes.

What you get with our self-employed client mobile tax tool

Income and expense management

Your clients can easily add financial accounts, record expenses and deposits, and enter transactions.

Reduced manual entry

Automatically capture data from your clients' receipts and populate it in the expense transaction using the mobile app.

Mileage tracking

Your clients can use the mobile app to automatically track mileage or add trips to manage their mileage deductions.

Real-time data access

​When your clients use the mobile app, they’ll be connected with you so that you can import their data at any time.

Data monitoring

Instantly track income, trends in revenue, expenses, profits and losses using real-time dashboards.

Information security

Give your small business clients enterprise-level data protection with built-in technical and staffing security.

I've enjoyed using OnBalance; it has been very helpful in managing my business. I like the idea of being able to have all my information in one place.
A.W., Stroudsburg, PA

My fellow business owners would definitely love using this. I love the layout and how easy it is to use.
J.M., Hanover, PA

I'm still quite impressed with the performance of this product. It would be perfect for inexperienced new business owners.
A.G., Boulder, CO
Simplify tax preparation with the OnBalance Self-Employed integration through UltraTax CS. Your clients can log in from any device to access their data in real time.