OnBalance tax and accounting software to support small business clients

Support your self-employed clients with mobile tax and accounting tools

Most small business owners would love to spend less time on the administrative side of their business. They'd rather be doing what they do best — building their product, providing a service, or interacting with their customers. Tax and accounting-related work — such as tracking income, expenses and mileage, and delivering their records to your accounting firm — takes time away from serving their customers and building their profitable business.

With the accessibility and security of cloud computing and easy-to-use dashboards, the Thomson Reuters OnBalance mobile and web app streamlines income and expense management for your small business clients. Your clients will automatically be connected to you, so you can import their data at any time with UltraTax CS and Accounting CS integration and work seamlessly with them on tax preparation as well as their monthly bookkeeping and financial reporting — improving accuracy in your work and streamlining workflows within your firm.

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OnBalance Self-Employed

Using an easy-to-use mobile app or online dashboard, your clients can easily manage their income and business expenses as they go.

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OnBalance Express

Help your small business clients run their business from anywhere, allowing them to simplify customer tracking, vendor tracking, invoicing, online payments, expense tracking, banking and reporting.

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