The GenAI assistant for tax and accounting professionals

Leverage generative AI to swiftly address and streamline all your tax inquiries

Let CoCounsel be your trusted partner

Gain unrivaled expertise with generative AI (GenAI) technology to become a pioneer in the tax and accounting industry.

Save time with internal processes

Accelerate workflows by relying on generative AI as an efficient research tool. Vet tax positions, tackle questions, and empower junior staff to find answers.

Increase productivity

Conquer complex tax questions faster than ever. Bolster your tax and accounting knowledge without poring over multiple references and layers of content.

Improve communication

Answer questions in real time while providing timely and accurate insights, enhancing the way you deliver information and decision making.

Stay vigilant of risks

Detect critical risks and resolve questions using powerful summaries developed through AI-assisted research, created in a matter of seconds.

Redefining how tax and accounting professionals work with CoCounsel

Save time and effort by reducing long research sessions into simple tasks with AI-assisted research on Checkpoint Edge.

The answers you need, fast 

Improve the speed of the research phase by finding the summarized answers you need quickly, reducing the need to fact-check or start research outside of Checkpoint Edge.

Authoritative and trusted content 

Increase confidence in AI-assisted answers with links to relevant editorial content and source materials from a broad collection of data sets and expert knowledge of Checkpoint Edge.

Practical delegation in workflow 

Enable senior staff to redirect their efforts toward higher-value work while junior staff learns and develops good question techniques with AI-assisted research on Checkpoint Edge.

Embrace the future of generative AI

Receive the trusted guidance and expert analysis you deserve through CoCounsel.

“The AI assistant now gives us the opportunity to receive the answer in a more simplified and relatable format.”

Managing Partner
Forbush & Associates

“From a time-saving perspective … I can easily see it cutting the time in half, maybe even more.”

Pete Mayolo
Owner and President, Mayolo and Associates


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