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The automation opportunity in tax practices

With the ability to automate every aspect of the tax process, accounting firms should be taking a holistic approach to automation. As firms start to automate, they are learning where the inefficiencies are, and which are costing them the most time and money. Watch these videos to learn about all the benefits of automation in addition to saving time and money.


What part of the tax workflow can be automated?


What are the benefits of automation in accounting?


Can automation improve collaboration within a team?

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End-to-end tax workflow automation with an integrated technology ecosystem

Better together: Connected technology from Thomson Reuters and our trusted partners can help your firm automate each stage of the tax workflow, and unleash your talent’s real potential on what matters most: analyzing data, advising clients, and uncovering new opportunities.

  1. 1

    Using GoFileRoom APIs, you can automate key aspects of data collection including importing users and permissions and importing/exporting documents.

    Using SurePrep’s TaxCaddy, you can automate the generation of tailored document request lists and the retrieval of documents (using Smart Links) while using APIs to automate integration with your tax, document, and workflow software.

  2. 2

    Using GoSystem Tax RS and/or ONESOURCE APIs, you can automate the creation of returns, the importing/exporting of Excel workbook data, and the completion, printing, and filing of extensions.

    Using SurePrep’s 1040SCAN and SPbinder, you can automate workpaper preparation and data entry with an option to outsource data verification while integrating with GoSystem Tax RS, GoFileRoom, and FirmFlow.

    Using Ledgible, you can automate cryptocurrency related collaboration and compliance while easily uncovering new planning and advisory opportunities.

  3. 3

    Using GoSystem Tax RS APIs, you can isolate key amounts to compare against workpapers.

    Using SurePrep’s SPbinder, you can automate the standardization of workpapers and facilitate high-level, materiality-based reviews.

  4. 4

    Using GoSystem Tax RS and/or ONESOURCE APIs, you can automate the printing and publishing of returns.

    Using SafeSend Returns, you can automate the assembly and streamline the delivery and e-signing of returns while providing your clients with an intuitive experience guiding them through the process.

  5. 5

    Using GoSystem Tax RS and/or ONESOURCE APIs, you can automate the creation and submission of e-files as well as the retrieval of statuses, enabling the creation of a custom e-file status dashboard.

  6. 6

    Using FirmFlow, you can automate the creation and routing of workflows, standardizing workflows firm-wide which allows for extensive tracking, analyzing, and reporting while integrating with GoSystem Tax RS and GoFileRoom and your other software using its APIs.

  7. 7

    Using the APIs available in GoSystem Tax RS, ONESOURCE, GoFileRoom, and FirmFlow, you can automate the extraction and aggregation of data to form a data lake to use with your visualization and analytical tools.

What happens when you add automation across your tax workflow?

Teams collaborate without version control issues. Data passes seamlessly between platforms. Clients receive more value, and less billed manual work. Your staff achieves work-life balance. With integrated technology powered by APIs, your firm can solve disconnected workflow issues and unleash its full potential at a fraction of the cost. Ready to get started?


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