Automating 1040 tax workflow

SurePrep 1040SCAN

Automate work paper preparation and eliminate data entry

Why choose 1040SCAN

Eliminate data entry with our industry-leading scan-and-populate solution, which automates 4–7x as many documents as the alternatives and exports data directly to your tax software: UltraTax CS, GoSystem Tax RS, CCH Axcess Tax, or Lacerte.

Scale 1040SCAN according to your needs with three service level options: organize only, organize with data capture, and organize with data capture and OCR verification.

What you get with 1040SCAN

Standardize work papers

Automatically bookmark and organize source documents into a standardized work paper index that follows the order of the tax return thanks to scan-and-organize functionality.

Reduce or eliminate data entry

Automate 4–7x as many documents as the alternatives. Unmatched document coverage eliminates more data entry for your preparers than any other solution on the market.

Eliminate OCR verification

Patented, AI-powered technology auto-verifies OCR data for 65% of standard documents. Eliminate verification entirely with an optional service, performed by trained SurePrep staff.


Watch a demo to see 1040SCAN and SPbinder in action
Understand how SurePrep’s scan-and-populate and work paper solutions help accountants automate their 1040 tax workflow.

We made up so much time in efficiency. The upfront scanning takes a fraction of the time of what it did before. The review took a fraction of the time it took before.
By combining SurePrep’s technology with our own standardized processes and best practices, we effectively addressed some of the most pressing demands on today’s accounting and tax firms.

Get more out of your tax compliance workflow

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