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3 keys to the future of audit

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On-demand webcast
Full duration: 55 minutes

It is no secret that the audit profession is rapidly changing. Increased client demands and expectations, regulatory changes, and an influx of progressive technologies are reshaping the profession.

Does your firm have the tools and resources to keep up with the changing industry landscape? How can you make progress toward the future to ensure that your firm remains relevant and competitive without completely disrupting your firm and your processes?

As the world moves toward a more automated and data-driven audit environment, it is becoming increasingly clear that the right tools and technologies can make all the difference. This on-demand webcast will discuss how the right tools and tech can:

  • Drive efficiencies in your firm
  • Increase the confidence of your staff and clients
  • Deliver better outcomes for clients
  • And much more!

Join Thomson Reuters Scott Spradling, Director of Audit Innovation, and Steve Lindsey, Director of Product Management, for a webcast as they discuss ways to future proof your audit practice and stay ahead of the competition — without disrupting your firm.

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