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Corporate tax software and services for seamless tax and trade compliance for companies around the globe

Streamline your accounting, tax filing and reporting process to mitigate the risks of audits and penalties with the industry's most powerful portfolio of tax and accounting software for corporations. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE tax software helps you stay up to date with corporate tax and trade compliance amid regularly changing state, federal and international tax laws and regulations. Boost collaboration with departments and partners and ensure seamless corporate tax and trade compliance, no matter where your company does business.

Explore everything ONESOURCE corporate tax software can do

Tax provision

Get everything you need to estimate accurate tax provisions, no matter where your company does business.

Data and process management

With data controls at every step, these solutions work together to streamline workflows across your organisation, including using ONESOURCE Tax Provision and Income Tax. Gain better control of your data and optimize opportunities to leverage data between your various tools and users.

Transfer pricing

From simple benchmarks to complete in-house documentation, our suite of integrated solutions will help you navigate the post-BEPS transfer pricing landscape.

Financial Reporting

Achieve global financial reporting compliance by meeting the annual filing requirements for each country. Have the flexibility regardless of your operational delivery model whilst driving standardization, efficiency and control.

Global trade management

With our suite of solutions, you can consolidate all global trade processes using a single user interface for everyone involved in the supply chain.

Tax information reporting

Simplify the process of tracking down contractors, vendors, clients, and payees each year with automated tools for 1099s, TINs and B-Notices, and 1042s.

Fiduciary Tax

Built to work with any trust accounting system, our wealth management solutions automate the entire fiduciary tax process from data management to tax filing.

Trust and estate management

Whether you want to automate a single task or handle the entire process, we have the solutions to help you create, execute, and maintain rock-solid trusts.

Nonresident alien taxation

With our software, you can stay ahead of constantly changing laws and international treaties to make sure the foreign nationals you work with are set up right.

Why corporate tax departments choose ONESOURCE

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to automation solutions for corporate tax processes. Hear from our Taxologist finalists and winners on why their companies chose ONESOURCE to simplify their business and compliance needs.

Why corporate tax departments choose ONESOURCE

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