White paper

4 keys to building advisory relationships

Let’s talk about the ancillary services you likely provide to your clients. Odds are you’re having advisory conversations with your clients, drawing on your years of industry experience to answer those quick questions day in and day out, and you are providing advice. Maybe that’s the actual “cost of doing business,” but perhaps it’s something you’d like to change if you could. The fact is, many firms have successfully positioned those off-the-books activities as a part of their paid services. The results? Stronger client relationships and increased revenue for the practice.

However, the real value is not in the services themselves but in the advisory relationship. It is how you better understand each client’s goals, strategize, and get compensated adequately for your services.

This white paper will touch on:

  • Why scope is important and how to craft a scope agreement.
  • What is “duplication thinking” and how can it help your firm?
  • Best practices for bringing advisory services into your conversation.
  • How to monetize advisory services to increase your firm’s revenues.

Fortunately, your firm doesn’t have to embark on this journey alone. Turn to a solutions provider like Thomson Reuters to help you navigate the path to success.

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