White paper

AI and taxation: What professionals need to know

One of the most exciting and promising developments in the tax and accounting industry is the emergence and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is transforming the way tax professionals work and interact with their clients, offering new opportunities for efficiency, accuracy, and value-added services. But how can tax professionals leverage AI to optimize workflows, enhance client relationships, and stay ahead of the curve?

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • What AI is, how it works, and the difference between generative AI and machine learning
  • How AI is being used in the tax and accounting industry and the benefits it can bring to your practice
  • How to get started with AI in tax and the best practices and implementation strategies to follow
  • How to build trust in AI and the importance of transparency and accountability
  • How Thomson Reuters can help you harness the power of AI with its innovative tax and accounting solutions

As artificial intelligence revolutionizes the tax and accounting industries, professionals can improve workflows, enhance the client experience, and stay ahead of their competition. Download our white paper to learn more about leveraging AI to unlock the full potential of your practice.

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