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Get ready to have the best tax season yet

Turning 2020 challenges into 2021 opportunities

While every year brings new challenges, 2020 was certainly like no other in recent history. For tax professionals, the usual challenges were amplified with tax deadline shifts, new and complex PPP loans, clients juggling unemployment and business closings, as well as firms themselves having to suddenly switch to remote options. What key takeaways did we learn from this year that we can apply to the next? How can firms prepare for a tax season that will be full of questions and concerns from 2020? Most of all, are there things firms can do right now to turn those 2020 challenges into opportunities in the coming tax season?

This white paper will examine five important steps you can take along with actionable insights and key takeaways to help make the upcoming tax season your best yet.

You’ll learn how your firm can:

  • Ensure easy access to accurate and up-to-date answers no matter where they are located (especially for junior staffers!)
  • Better support small business clients
  • Secure client relationships and solidify your business
  • Strengthen security to avoid vulnerabilities
  • Do this to attract and retain talent

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