White paper

How small firms can get started with advisory

Move from mindset to motion

The small firm faces certain challenges and opportunities unique to their size. What a small firm has in agility, it may lack in resources. As more firms find success implementing advisory services in their practices, what can you do as a smaller firm to place these services as the focus of your client relationships?

In this white paper, Will Hill, MBA from Thomson Reuters, and small firm owner James Lopiccolo, CPA and CGMA of Capocore Professional Advisors, discuss executing on this transition from advisory mindset to advisory motion, citing personal experiences.

Key takeaways include:

  • Learning about the advisory mindset
  • The reality of opportunities and challenges facing a small firm
  • Handling the accountability of decision making
  • Jumping into an advisory motion

By the end of this white paper you should be able to identify your next step in moving into advisory services being at the center of your small firm.

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