White paper

Tax season preparation: How two firms keep their businesses in top shape

As you prepare for tax season, you have the perfect opportunity to step back and evaluate your firm. Is your firm currently healthy, and will it be healthy as you move forward into the future?

Think of your firm’s health in three categories: mental health, business health, and future health.

In this white paper, moderator Heather Walker, Head of Business Integration for Tax and Accounting Professionals at Thomson Reuters, is joined by two successful firm owners: Chris Papin, owner of Papin CPA, and Ali Williams, owner of Yakima CPA Group.

By the end of this white paper, you should:

  • Recognize the importance of your firm’s mental health
  • Take an evaluation of your firm’s current business health
  • Have a strategy on how to protect your firm in the years ahead
  • Go into the next tax season with a strategy on how to run and maintain a healthy firm

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