White paper

Mind the gap: Identifying gaps in your software this tax season

Are clients not providing documents in a timely matter? Is your firm spending too much time communicating with clients on requested documents, and updating them on the status of their return? Are manual processes eating up valuable opportunities for more profit?

The industry is changing. This change is inevitable. It is going to happen. Technology continues to impact this particular profession. It is going to revolutionize it, the same way we’ve seen it revolutionize so many other professions. We find ourselves in the midst of this major shift.

These are just some of the common questions and grievances at the top of an accountant’s mind during tax season. However, the solution starts with just one question: Do we have the right tax solutions in place to make this tax season a success?

While busy tax season may not be the ideal time to implement new software, it is an ideal time to flag inefficiencies, as well as gaps in workflow and collaboration among both staff and clients.

To help firms, this white paper explores what they should look for in tax software to help alleviate common tax season grievances and implementation best practices to consider when switching to new tax software.

By the end of this white paper, you should:

  • Recognize common tax grievances and workflow issues
  • Consider solutions on how to alleviate those tax software pain points
  • Have a strategy and confidence for making a tax software switch
  • Go into the next tax season stronger than ever

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