Moving Your Audit Business Forward

The audit profession is changing so rapidly that “keeping up” just isn’t enough to make your firm competitive anymore. So how can you prepare your firm now to successfully meet professional standards and exceed client expectations well into the future?

Start with this online event, where L. Gary Boomer, visionary and strategist of Boomer Consulting, Inc., and Matt Towers, audit and engagement product manager at Thomson Reuters, discuss how current trends impacting the profession will affect the way firms like yours perform audits in the future. Among the topics they’ll cover:

  • How to foster your audit talent into tomorrow’s leaders
  • How fine tuning your audit methodology can lead to lower costs, better compliance, and improved job satisfaction for your auditors
  • How the right technology will keep you a step ahead of your competition

Watch this webcast to see how you can take action to be sure your competitors are the ones trying to keep up with you!