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Featuring Alison Parker, Tax & Accounting Executive Editor

When it comes to your audit practice, our goal is to help you complete audits faster and with absolute confidence. We know how critical audit quality is to your practice, which is why we create content that delivers step-by-step guidance. All staff, no matter their experience level, can apply our audit methodology and process.

Our PPC audit guides are loaded with practical considerations, real-life examples, and time-saving checklists and practice aids to give you the expertise you need to complete your engagements with the assurance that nothing has been overlooked.

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    Years of history of receiving a “pass” rating for peer review of our QC
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    Combined years of industry and public accounting experience
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    In-house CPA editors and 70 external expert authors
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Our editors came from practice and think like practitioners, so everything they do is through your point of view. Save time and find peace of mind when you rely on Thomson Reuters to deliver the content you need when you need it. We got you covered.

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The Thomson Reuters editorial staff is made up of professionals that worked in public accounting for many years and speak the language. They are now able to take their experience and focus on how to improve audit quality and processes for all users. Check out these videos to learn more about what differentiates Thomson Reuters.


The people behind our content
Featuring Nancy Hawkins
Vice President, Product


What happens when a new audit or accounting standard is issued?
Featuring Alison Parker
Tax & Accounting Executive Editor


What differentiates Checkpoint Edge
Featuring Nancy Hawkins
Vice President, Product

On-demand webcast

SAS No. 145 is coming. Are you ready?

Watch this webcast for early guidance on SAS no. 145: Understanding the Entity and its Environment and Assessing the Risks of Material Misstatement. Learn all about the changes with experts from our AuditWatch and Checkpoint Editorial teams to get ahead of the potential impact on your practice and engagements.

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Our editors make updates to more than:

  • 2,800
    Examples of internal control and management letter comments
  • 2,700
    Illustrative financial statement note disclosures
  • 4,500
    Checkpoint Tools practice aids and audit programs

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