Rise above challenges and transform your tax workflow

You face many challenges that impede your daily work as a tax professional.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Manually keying in data drains hours of time and can lead to human error
  • Lack of standard practices around the organization and processing of tax workpapers and documents creates inconsistencies
  • Staying on top of client requests for information can be a full-time job in itself

You'll discover proactive ways to tackle these challenges when you view this webcast.

Consider how much easier your average day would be if your firm had:

One simple, single place where all tax workpapers can be managed and viewed by multiple staff members

  • Software that can streamline and synchronize your process
  • Adjusted balance information that can flow directly into a variety of tax applications

Learn how professionals like you are benefitting from these features and exceeding clients' needs with Workpapers CS™, the collaborative workpaper management and trial balance software.

View this webcast to see how to streamline and prepare your firm for a successful tax season.