The tax and accounting professional’s guide to everything AI

You encounter artificial intelligence (AI) daily, whether navigating through map apps, receiving TV show recommendations, or interacting with voice-activated assistants. The tax and accounting sector is also embracing this technology. With the ever-evolving tax regulations, professionals often struggle to keep up with the vast amount of information. However, those utilizing the capabilities of generative AI (GenAI) not only keep pace with these changes but also enhance their ability to research and discover essential information swiftly.

If your firm has not yet integrated a GenAI solution, and you're uncertain about the adoption process, this guide is your go-to resource. It addresses your questions about the role of GenAI in tax and accounting and its implications for your business. You'll gain insights into the capabilities of generative AI, considerations for its implementation, and the basics of maximizing its potential. 

Discover the latest advancements in GenAI, and how Checkpoint Edge with CoCounsel — a premier generative AI-enabled research tool — is tailored to meet the needs of contemporary firms. Bring your questions and leave equipped with the knowledge to advance your firm by utilizing cutting-edge GenAI and machine learning technologies.

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