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10 reasons why ONESOURCE should be in your indirect tax tech stack

Beyond providing ease of use, connectivity, and sourcing, ONESOURCE reduces IT’s tax burden by offering a streamlined indirect tax engine solution with many benefits

Sourcing and deploying an indirect tax determination and compliance solution for your organization’s tax and finance departments to correctly calculate, report, and share global indirect tax data in real time can be a daunting task.

As an IT manager, you’re searching for a hassle-free, highly intuitive indirect tax engine that easily connects into your ERP tech stack and requires minimal IT support.

However, you’ll be a hero to your indirect tax team if you find a content engine that drives a continuously updated library of global indirect tax rules, regulations, rates, and customer policies that automatically integrates into your company’s tax tables to ensure correct tax calculations. Imagine being able to provide them with a tool that’s capable of calculating, collecting, and retaining taxes on a transaction-by-transaction basis in minutes, not hours or days.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE state-of-the-art global tax determination and documentation engine does all this and more.

ONESOURCE eliminates IT headaches and delivers accurate, reliable results to your corporate tax colleagues every time. Plus, you’re not just buying an indirect tax product that solves all your problems; you’re teaming up with a business partner that’s 100% dedicated to your organization’s success.

Download our free white paper to see how ONESOURCE:

  • Provides ease of connectivity, from installation and one-time configuration for the IT department, and is user-friendly for corporate tax and finance teams
  • Offers an extensive catalogue of other indirect tax software solutions covering every area of tax and compliance
  • Utilizes a sophisticated cloud-based platform with high-level security tools for monitoring and protection, and applies artificial intelligence to diagnose and heal itself
  • Performs indirect tax data mining, analysis, and risk assessments to identify accounting needs and tax savings opportunities, evaluate tax strategies, and more
  • Delivers global indirect tax content coverage to more than 56,000 jurisdictions in 205 countries, spanning all industries and sectors
  • Maintains a 24/7 multi-tiered customer service system supported by expertly-trained representatives to resolve matters quickly

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