Expert financial reporting & management guidance and tools choice package

The Thomson Reuters Checkpoint™ Expert Financial Reporting & Management Guidance and Tools Choice Package empowers you to get your work done more effectively and efficiently, with your choice of expert resources to keep up with the latest developments and the guidance to know what to do next.

Stay on top of current developments with relevant journals, associated technical analysis, or daily updates on the latest rulemaking activity with concise summaries that also note any impacted rules, regulations, and SEC forms.

Equip yourself with the right reference materials to find sample disclosures of all SEC accounting, auditing, and financial reporting requirements and better understand specialty areas of focus – your choice, your way.

Empower yourself with additional resources to stay on top of FASB, AICPA, PCAOB, and IASB pronouncements and gain an understanding of how IFRS are interpreted and applied in the preparation of financial statements.

Also available
You can also choose to add standards that fully integrate with the expert editorial guidance and resources in your Checkpoint package, including AICPA Professional Standards, FASB/GASB, COSO, and IASB.

SECPlus®/SECPlus Advanced

  • SECPlus makes it easy to find filings/disclosures from peer companies, or disclosures on situations similar to your own.
  • SECPlus Advanced adds powerful search and compare features to your peer filings or industry lookups, including on-the-fly filtering, section-only searches, search by auditor, redlining, and associated filings and correspondence, making your once-difficult and tedious work unusually quick and efficient.
  • SECPlus is integrated with our related expert analysis as well as industry primary sources making finding, analyzing, and verifying guidance related to your filings lookup search a snap.

Checkpoint Catalyst®: US GAAP

  • Get to your complex accounting topic outcomes faster with a unique Web-centric workflow that brings together expert guidance, tools, and new developments in one easy-to-use view.
  • Reduces your uncertainty and clarifies “gray areas” by providing scores of detailed illustrations and examples throughout to help interpret the language of the standards and apply the standards to specific situations.
  • Amplifies the value of your entire Checkpoint library, pulling in related content so that it can be immediately put to use in context of a topic or transaction.