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Get access to your indirect tax data for faster analytics & reporting

Next-generation reporting and analytics turn your indirect tax team into a strategic business partner

Strategic decisions rely on reports that provide fast, accurate, up-to-date data and analysis. Business leaders need indirect tax professionals to provide data-driven insights that guide decision-making and help fuel corporate growth. They want their tax advisors to bring these capabilities in real time, rather than waiting days or weeks for tax data analytics that are outdated on arrival.

Sales and use tax, value-added tax (VAT), and goods and services tax (GST) professionals need a future-proof indirect tax software solution to access, interpret, and scale with the growing data volumes they manage. Tax leaders are looking for an easy-to-use, intuitive reporting solution that can empower indirect tax teams and business users alike, streamlining operational processes even if their users lack significant technology skills.

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  • Provide instant access to the tax data your business units need without delays due to tax team or IT intervention
  • Shape strategic decision-making with key tax insights to fuel corporate growth
  • Predict tax spending and accurately account for sales and use tax, VAT, and GST in every tax jurisdiction in which you operate
  • Capture tax credits and incentives that your business may be eligible for
  • Quickly demonstrate tax compliance and prepare for audits without straining team resources or needing to add new staff
  • Work more efficiently and reduce low-level busywork, such as manual data input, Excel table manipulation, data exporting, or report generation

Get more from your indirect tax data with ONESOURCE Determination Reporting and Analytics. With easy access to accurate data and analytics, your indirect tax teams are liberated from repetitive manual tasks and can focus on better decision-making and adding strategic value. The ONESOURCE Determination Reporting and Analytics dashboard is an essential software tool that adapts to your needs. You do not need to be an expert in technology or bring in IT resources to build a report that addresses your specific needs. You can create the reports and analytics you need on demand.

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