White paper

Getting long-term value from tax technology starts with a successful implementation

Game-changing technology can save time, costs and increase the speed of turnaround

WEX, Inc., a $1.5 billion provider of corporate payment solutions with a 10-person tax department, onboarded ONESOURCE software to manage tax provision, reporting and compliance, and audits. In 2020, despite COVID-19 work-from-home orders, their tax technology implementation bolstered the team's pandemic preparedness.

"Management and staff have the confidence that the system works for us and can support whatever the company or the external environment can throw at us," says WEX Tax Director Misty D'Amico.

Corporate tax leaders know technology can be a positive game-changer for their organizations, but they often struggle to capture its total value due to change management challenges. The difference between success and struggle usually starts with planning and implementation.

In this case study, WEX shares their vision and tax technology journey, as well as ten helpful tips they have used to become a “fully functioning tax department that can meet the needs of the company.” It dives into detailed implementation plans, how to engage and reassure team members, identify and address skill gaps, clean tax data, revamp operating processes, and ensure team members have the time and training to succeed. The case study also delves into post-implementation activities that are critical to success. 

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