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How AI and machine learning can help with K-1s

How AI and Machine Learning Can Help With K-1s


Bianca Kuijper

Director of Direct Tax and Transfer Pricing Propositions, Thomson Reuters

Geralyn R. Hurd

CPA, Partner, Tax Strategy & Transformation Leader, Crowe

Justin A. Bass

Chief Data Science Officer, Crowe

What you will take away

How can AI and machine learning assist already overburdened tax professionals with complicated and time-consuming processes?

Any organization invested in a partnership or flow-through entity like trust or S Corporations by statute must provide information around federal, state, and international activities. Most tax documents are typically in specific formats– except for K-1s. About 40 million K-1s are created and received, but because there is no standard format, the process is confusing, manual, and time-intensive. Already beleaguered tax professionals take anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour digging for information to find critical attributes. Any wrong keypunch may result in penalties that can go over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Additional details

  • Bianca Kuijper
    Director of Direct Tax and Transfer Pricing Propositions, Thomson Reuters

    With over 14 years of experience in the tax and tax technology industry, Bianca has a unique understanding of the global tax technology landscape. Bianca works closely with customers to deliver the best propositions for the Direct Tax and Transfer Pricing suites. Before joining Thomson Reuters in The Netherlands, Bianca worked in the International Tax Practice of EY.

  • Geralyn R. Hurd
    CPA – Partner, Tax Strategy & Transformation Leader, Crowe

    Geralyn Hurd has spent her 30-year career in public accounting first focusing on tax compliance and consulting then moving to tax technology and software development. Today she leads a team of approximately 100 product engineers, data scientists and tax technologists that build software to license directly to end-users, enable Crowe’s tax delivery and to transform the industry.

  • Justin A. Bass
    Chief Data Science Officer, Crowe

    Justin Bass is the chief data science officer at Crowe and oversees the firm’s dedicated team of machine learning engineers and data scientists. His team drives innovation in software solutions across all of the firm’s business units and works to add machine learning capabilities to various Crowe platforms. He has extensive experience applying advanced analytic, automation, and machine learning techniques to a variety of industries.

    Justin’s formal education includes six quantitative degrees. As a continuous learner, he further compounds his formal education through knowledge gained from research papers on machine learning and related fields. He uses his extensive knowledge by applying it to advanced analytic, automation, and machine learning techniques.