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Imagine if there was a way to easily identify and source new trade lanes based on the lowest duties and taxes for each country.

A decision support tool like the ONESOURCE Analyzer Suite helps you identify the best trade lanes to source products and provides you with all the relevant trade compliance data points you need to make a decision – including HS numbers and descriptions for more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, main and preferential duty rates, ADD/CVD rates, VAT/GST rates, import/export controls, sample documents, sanctions, and more. You can use these tools to research duty rates, estimate duty and tax cost, visualize “what if” scenarios for multiple trade lanes, and plan new import and export strategies.

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Identify new trade lanes

Compare your sourcing or sales lanes to global trends to plan and implement new import/export strategies

Create a cost-efficient sourcing strategy

Research costs and consider preferential duty and ADD/CVD rates before sourcing decisions are made

Scenario plan

Run multiple scenarios to inform proactive, strategic decision making

Run side-by-side comparisons

Compare trade lanes quickly and easily with a single screen to view compliance data for different trade lanes

Use company-specific data

Customize duty and tax calculations with company-specific shipment information such as broker fees, transportation costs, insurance, assists, and more

Access latest regulations

Leverage up-to-date regulatory data for each of your trade lanes, so you can gain confidence in your level of compliance

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