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Simplified processes.
Elevated performance.

Move forward with integrated tax solutions from ONESOURCE, powered by Oracle Cloud

Cloud-first solutions working together

Companies today need efficient business systems that stay connected and up to date without overburdening internal teams. By implementing a tax engine during a cloud ERP transformation, your company can improve operational efficiency for at least three teams: tax, IT, and finance. With ONESOURCE Indirect Tax powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, your business will have all the data points covered for calculating VAT, GST, sales and use tax accurately, avoiding costly change orders, improving alignment of IT infrastructure, and preventing unnecessary down-time. Invest in an ecosystem that grows with the business by using cloud-first solutions that work together.

Simplify your tax processes with a tax engine


ONESOURCE Determination is a tax engine that simplifies and elevates tax calculations – helping companies reduce risk, improve accuracy, and keep pace with modern business. Our multi-tenant cloud auto-scales when transaction volumes shift and it eliminates downtime for upgrades. All this is possible because of our stable and secure integration with Oracle Cloud ERP. Learn about what our tax engine can do for VAT, GST, sales and use transactions, and much more.

Elevate your tax technology performance

The benefits of cloud computing are too great to ignore — particularly for indirect tax departments. Using ONESOURCE moves indirect tax calculations into the cloud and alleviates the pressure on IT. ONESOURCE puts the tax team in control of their processes by providing application and role-based security and a simplified Oracle Cloud ERP configuration setup. ONESOURCE shifts to the changing needs of a business with auto-provisioning and self-healing cloud resources as performance requirements demand. Read more about how the ONESOURCE cloud beats on-premise providers here: 

What you get with ONESOURCE Indirect Tax, powered by Oracle Cloud

Complete tax technology suite

The only sole-provider of connected solutions across the tax and trade landscape

Cloud-native technology

Zero down-time for updates or enhancements, auto-scaling, and self-healing capabilities, reducing burden on IT

Compliance and digital reporting

Complete any indirect tax filing around the world and stay ahead of shifting regulations, including recent EU VAT changes

Reporting and analytic tools

Standard and custom reports; APIs that support data visualization; plus enhanced analytics through integrated applications

Comprehensive tax content

Global tax research monitored for more than 45,000 tax jurisdictions in over 205 countries and territories covering VAT, GST, sales and use tax

Powerful integration

Plug and play integration with the Oracle Cloud ERP tax API for real-time tax updates, with enhanced speed and performance

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