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Welcome to the ONESOURCE Certified User Program

This new program offers Certification for individual Users of our products. Certification allows a User to demonstrate a recognized level of competency within a product by passing a product-specific exam. ONESOURCE is the industry’s most powerful portfolio of corporate tax and accounting technology. Put that power behind you as a Certified User.

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Why certify?

Are you a tax professional seeking a key differentiator within your company or wanting to validate your experience and knowledge within the marketplace?

Are you a tax manager looking to increase the tax technology proficiency within your team or searching for potential canidates with proven ONESOURCE experience?

Yes?  Then you have come to the right place.

Benefits of certification

Validation of your product knowledge and experience

Key market differentiator

Access to digital badges and official certificate

Increase tax technology proficiency in your organization

Easily identify qualified candidates for your team

Build engaging career paths for your employees

Certification levels

Certification levels are specific to each product based on the standard roles and functionality of that product.

In general, a User Certification path may be structured as follows:

Certified Professional User

A Professional User will have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable and competent in using a range of general product features. Through passing the exam, the user will have demonstrated that they have a strong understanding on how to perform the required functions/tasts typical of that product.

Certified Professional Admin

Upon complete of the Certified Professional User Exam, the user is elegible to take the Certified Professional Admin exam. For this certification, the user will have demonstrated that they have the required level of knowledge related to performing tasks typical of an administrator role.

Certified Expert User

An Expert must already have become a Certified Professional Admin.  This exam will require that the user demonstrate that they have a full understanding of advanced features, can use the product in complex situation, and are able to perform detailed adminstration activities.