White paper

Solving the Digital Economy

How 134 countries are trying to re-write the international tax code to solve inequities caused by digitalization of the world’s economy. But consensus is elusive, and the clock is ticking.


For multinational corporations, the ongoing digitalization of the world’s economy has created an increasingly complex patchwork of policies and regulations as countries everywhere try to adapt to the new realities of digital commerce. There is intense pressure for the 36 member countries of OECD and a coalition of more than one hundred other countries to develop a new international tax framework for the digital economy by mid-2020. Read this white paper to get a better understanding if there is enough time to reach a consensus, the possible consequences of failing to develop a workable new framework, and if a simplified approach can be applied across the board.

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To learn more about the OECD/G20’s efforts to reform international digital taxation, listen to the TEI/Thomson Reuters webinar, “The OECD Consultation on the Digitalization of the Economy, Reallocation of Taxing Rights, and a Potential Global Minimum Tax Regime.”