White paper

Tax calculations on the edge

See if edge computing is the right solution for your company’s tax engine

Transformation projects – such as moving to the cloud, expanding to new markets, or upgrading an e-commerce system – can have a profound impact on tax functions. Too often the technology that supports a company’s sales and purchases are an afterthought. This leaves indirect tax professionals scrambling to create workarounds and manually manage tax, while the business faces a greater risk of fines and penalties due to inaccurate tax filings.

Tax and IT professionals need a future-proofed tax engine that can be easily deployed and integrated with their current business systems, so they can keep pace with a fast-changing marketplace, accelerate tax performance, and minimize the burden on IT.

Download our free whitepaper to learn how a variety of transformation projects affect tax functions and how edge computing can automate and secure tax processes by amplifying the power of a cloud-native tax engine.

Key topics:

  • Business drivers for tax automation
  • Tax and technology challenges when upgrading a tax engine
  • On-premises, cloud, and edge computing deployment options
  • Tax and IT benefits of edge computing 

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