ONESOURCE Determination

Manufacturing sales & use tax software

Automate your vendor-charged tax invoice reconciliation and decrease tax overpayments with procure-to-pay software

Why choose ONESOURCE Determination for Manufacturing

Manufacturers face many challenges to accurately validate and reconcile vendor-charged tax on equipment, drop shipments, materials, and other goods and services. Suppliers struggle to comply with ever-changing regulations and calculations in all the jurisdictions they operate in – increasing the risk of incorrect vendor-charged tax. The cost of getting these taxes wrong is expensive and can have a negative impact on manufacturers.

Accruing correct use tax on inventory movements and determining the taxability of mixed-use items add to manufacturers’ business complexity. On top of that, they must carefully manage tax exemption certificates for themselves and their counterparties.

Manufacturing sales & use tax software ensures that your vendor-charged tax is right—the first time, every time. With ONESOURCE Determination, you can automate your vendor-charged tax validation, and manage your compliance for manufacturing tax exemptions.

With ONESOURCE Determination, you can:

  • Validate vendor-charged tax for procure-to-pay
  • Accrue use tax for manufacturing inventory movements in real-time
  • Manage tax compliance for exemption certificates
  • Account for VAT and other global taxes
  • Reduce exposure to audits, interest, and penalties

Avoid leaving money on the table from overpaid vendor-charged tax and protect your operational spend with ONESOURCE Determination.

What you get with our automated manufacturing tax software

Unique vendor-charged tax validation

Manage vendor-charged tax validation and reconciliation with an end-to-end automated tax compliance software solution.

Powerful integration

Integrate with your ERP and ecommerce financial systems to automatically and accurately validate vendor-charged tax for procure-to-pay, accrue use tax on inventory movements, and account for VAT.

Robust automation intelligence

Automate use tax accruals and vendor-charged tax validation for manufacturing equipment and materials to minimize audit exposure and avoid costly overpayments.

Enhanced personalization

Analyze multiple transaction data points to automate use tax accrual, accurately determine taxability of inventory movements, and identify manufacturing tax-exempt purchases.

Process standardization

Optimize spend management and simplify your procure-to-pay process with streamlined invoice reconciliation and enhanced tax compliance.

Exemption certificate management

Manage the accurate tracking and validation of manufacturing exemption certificates to reduce the risk of costly penalties and fees.

See how ONESOURCE Determination can help you automate tax for procure-to-pay

With ONESOURCE Determination for manufacturing, you can move away from manual processes and feel confident that you’re paying the right amount of vendor-charged tax and sales and use tax, instead of leaving money on the table.

ONESOURCE Determination for Manufacturing

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By automating the procure-to-pay tax process, manufacturing companies can protect their operational spend and avoid tax overpayments and underpayments.

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