New Opportunity, New Growth

A business case for offering payroll services at your firm

New Opportunity, New Growth

Are you on the fence about offering payroll services? If so, you may be overlooking a tremendous opportunity to cash in on this growing niche.

Tax and accounting firms have discovered that the rewards of providing payroll services for clients far exceed the commonly-perceived pain points.

Do you feel forced to offer payroll out of fear that you'll lose the business of an important client? Or are you hesitant to begin offering payroll because it seems too complex, involving long hours, high risk, and low margins?

More and more firms are realizing that recent technology and partnering opportunities are rewriting the rules, making payroll one of the fastest-growing service offerings in the profession. Times are changing, and much of the pain associated with offering payroll services is now only false perception because of new approaches in processing.

Today, you have an opportunity to expand your services with the level of material participation you are comfortable with, whether processing in-house with your own staff or partnering with an outsourced payroll provider.

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