Cloud based audit software infographic

Audit From Home

How cloud-based auditing solutions can transform your practice for the future

Retain talent

Seamless collaboration

Cloud technology allows an accountant to be connected to their clients 24/7, even when they’re not in the office. This allows an “always-on” view of client data and opens the possibility for more flexible work options, which can attract and help retain future tech-savvy audit talent.

The best platform

Always-on connection

Regarding either communication or business management, the cloud is considerably the best platform1. Cloud technology allows you to stay connected to your audit team with seamless collaboration.

Cloud based auditing statistics

  • 67%
    of accounting professionals prefer cloud accounting
  • 5x the customers
    companies that rely solely on cloud accounting have 5x the number of customers than businesses that do not
  • +15% YoY growth
    Firms that use 100% cloud-based accounting saw a 15% year-over-year revenue growth

Collaboration and security

Don't sacrifice security

The use of cloud technologies not only benefits the firm's business but adds to the security1. This makes it easy to engage and share information through the secure tools you need for complex audits anytime and anywhere.


Changing work environment

90% of accountants say that cloud accounting and digital business processes can be the key differentiator among companies in the future2. With today’s changing work environment, that future for audit is here.

Thomson Reuters Solution

Cloud Audit Suite

Thomson Reuters is here to help your audit practice sail confidently into the future. For more information on the benefits of the cloud and how to improve your remote audit practice, visit the Thomson Reuters cloud audit suite.