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Audit from home

Embracing the cloud: Transforming your audit practice for the future

Retain talent

Seamless collaboration

Cloud technology facilitates seamless collaboration for accountants with their clients, providing continuous connectivity — even beyond office hours. This "always-on" access to client data not only enhances productivity but also enables more flexible work options, appealing to and retaining tech-savvy audit talent for the future.

The best platform

Always-on connection

When it comes to communication or business management, the cloud stands out as the premier platform. Leveraging cloud technology enables you to maintain seamless collaboration and stay connected with your audit team.

Cloud based auditing statistics

  • 67%
    of accounting professionals prefer cloud accounting
  • 56%
    of accountants indicate technology is increasing their productivity
  • +15%
    YoY revenue growth for firms using 100% cloud-based accounting

Collaboration and security

Don't sacrifice security

Cloud technologies offer firms a dual advantage by benefiting their business operations and enhancing security. With the power of the cloud, firms can easily engage and share information through secure tools, enabling seamless collaboration during complex audits — regardless of team location and time.


Changing work environment

Cloud accounting and digital business processes have emerged as crucial differentiators among companies in the modern work environment. As the landscape continues to evolve rapidly, these advanced technologies are shaping the future for audit and businesses at large.

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