Solve your biggest challenges: Automate your workflow

With the right tools in place, automation can take your accounting firm to the next level. Get the latest insights on how automating your workflow can help your firm overcome its biggest challenges, from staying current with tax law changes to increasing productivity and efficiency.

  • Solve your biggest challenges: Automate your workflow

    Automation is vital for any firm looking to improve efficiency and promote connectivity between staff and clients. How can you use automation to optimize operations and keep your firm moving forward?

    Create opportunities to generate more revenue

    70% of businesses that added automation to their accounting process reported a strong ROI[1]

    45% of accountants plan to automate tasks that are both repetitive and time consuming[2]

    Recruit and retain top talent

    1/3 of firms said that their top priority is finding and developing quality talent[1]

    56% of accountants reported that accounting technology has made them more productive[2]

    How does automation help firms?

    • Improves productivity by eliminating tedious tasks
    • Reduces turnover and burnout with more fulfilling work
    • Boosts revenue with an increased focus on strategic initiatives
    • Eliminates human error and delivers more accurate audits and tax preparation

    How does automation help employees?

    • Flexible, remote work opportunities
    • Ability to work across multiple devices and stay connected anywhere
    • Faster, simpler, and more efficient research capabilities
    • Intuitive and helpful tools for monotonous tasks

    Increase connection between staff and clients

    Clients expect simple, easy-to-use online engagement and easily lose patience with inefficiencies

    82% of accountants expressed that their clients expect more today than ever before[2]

    Automation helps you meet those needs

    35% of accountants saw increased retention rates and client satisfaction with upgraded accounting technology[2]

    Stay current with tax law changes

    51% of firms said keeping up with regulatory change is a perpetual headache and one of the biggest issues of 2022[4]

    Adding a research platform to your automation tech stack lets you quickly check for regulatory changes from multiple trusted sources — all in one place.

    Experience unrivaled productivity and efficiency with automation. Power your firm forward with expert tax and accounting technology today.



    [3] Tax Professionals 2022 Report, Thomson Reuters


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