How can your firm stay ahead in a constantly changing game?

Amid changing legislation and ever-increasing demands from clients, AI-enabled technology allows you to work more efficiently and more accurately

  • Focus on your clients, let AI keep up on regulations

    • Tax law is over 10 million words, and the internal revenue code is 6,492 pages long.  
    • The tax code checks in at over 74,000 pages long  
    • In the last 20 years, there have been more than 4,500 changes to the tax code. That’s nearly two changes every three days 
    • Any of these questions sound familiar?  
    • What are the benefits for investments in qualified opportunity funds?  
    • What type of meals and entertainment are deductible? 
    • Is there a step up in basis on foreign inherited property?  
    • Does federal tax levy require garnishment from severance pay? 
    • AI-enabled software solutions allow you to stay on top of regulation changes without making a full-time job of it 
    • Search for specific codes or regulations using natural language phrases, the same way you do on Google. No more guessing keywords to try to find what you’re looking for 
    • View suggested content alongside your initial search, see flags for related regulations and notifies you of recent or pending legislation

    Don't be the last to adopt AI-enables solutions

    • 63% of business technology decision makers have begun to implement and expand their use of AI 
    • With more than half of business technology decision makers taking that step, your firm cannot afford to be wasting time doing “old school” research   
    • The new generation of incoming tax professionals don't want the latest technology, they expect it.  
    • "Millennials take full advantage of the digital resources they grew up with and their generation is most interested in social media and online research" 
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    • Cloud capabilities of AI-enabled solutions means updates are installed easily and continue to modernize the way your firm does research  

    Ways of doing business have changed. Make sure your technology is keeping up

    • Over 5 million Americans are working remote 
    • According to a recent PwC survey, 55% of executives expect employees will be working remote, even in the aftermath of COVID-19.  
    • Nearly 1/3 of employees surveyed said they are less productive working from home. 
    • Working from home has come with its challenges for most. Eliminate your staff’s research obstacles with the help of AI
    • Cloud-based software means your staff can continue to find the answers they need without having to bring an entire office home with them. 

    Checkpoint Edge is the leading solution for AI-enabled tax and accounting research. With features to increase efficiency and the latest regulations at your fingertips, your firm can transform the way research is done and get the trusted answers you need to confidently serve clients.

Checkpoint Edge

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