Which tax superhero
are you?

It’s time to uncover your tax super powers

Discover your tax superhero and level up!

Every superhero has special tools and powers that they use to save the world. Thor has his hammer. Batman has an entire Batcave of gadgets. As a tax professional, do you have the tools to amplify your super powers? Sure, you can get along okay with a spreadsheet and an internet connection, but is that really the most effective way?

Discover what your super power is – and how to combat your nemesis. (Every superhero has one of those, too.)

Are you fully activating your tax super powers? It’s time to find out!


Using Google to find answers can be a trap. Instead trust a source of market-leading research, guidance and analysis.

Client turnover

Don’t lose any more clients. Ensure you’re providing more value by using client analysis and planning capabilities to expand your service offering.

Data analytics

Don’t waste time with manual data reporting. Use a sophisticated tool with advanced data mining capabilities for reliable reporting and data analysis.

Paper returns

Save the trees and your time. Level up to a digital experience with multi-level, customizable tick marks and built-in review tools that allow for a streamlined review process.

Data security

Pretending it won’t happen or not being strategic about planning won’t stop a data breach. It’s time to put data security first with a multi-level approach.

Staff retention

Turn your staff into tax superheroes. Invest in the highest quality software and equip your staff with the tools they need to thrive.


Embrace change and unlock your firm’s super powers

Arm yourself, and your staff, with the super-gadgets you need to save the (tax) world! Get trusted answers on how to use technology to address tax law changes faster, automate and streamline your workflow, and give clients what they need before they even know they need it.

Stay a step ahead of the hackers

Defeat evil geniuses in one fell swoop. Learn the critical steps needed to best protect your firm and clients’ security.