The Thomson Reuters automation consultation roadmap

Learn about the benefits of automating tax and accounting processes with APIs. A personalized consultation from Thomson Reuters can help uncover needs and identify first steps.

  • The Thomson Reuters Automation Consultation Roadmap

    To succeed in an ever-evolving landscape, tax and accounting firms must harness the power of APIs and automation in a way that is customized to their firm’s unique needs.

    Enter Thomson Reuters Automation Consultation — a personalized offering that results in a clear and powerful roadmap to holistic automation.

    Led by a team of seasoned API and Automation Consultants, our detailed assessments dive deep into your firm’s pain points and inefficiencies to create a thorough assessment and a recommended plan of action for transformative automation.

    1. Your journey begins!

    Expect four, two-hour sessions with your dedicated Thomson Reuters API and Automation Consultants as they document every aspect of your day-to-day business to uncover opportunities for automation.

    Our firm automates a couple of tasks already. Is this consultation beneficial to us? Yes! Perhaps your firm is using automation to simplify document storage or automate some of your workflows. If so, that’s great! However, a more holistic approach to automation can pave the way to transformative outcomes and greater ROI, hence the need for a personalized approach.

    2. The experts huddle.

    Your Automation Consultants will gather for an internal review to compile a detailed report of their findings.

    3. Your firm’s roadmap to holistic automation.

    Your customized automation roadmap will be presented to you with specific opportunities, gaps, and recommendations for products and automation tools that would be most impactful for your firm.

    Because each firm uses tax software and systems in their own way, a customized consultation and plan of action is of the utmost importance in ensuring the benefits of APIs are maximized for your firm’s specific needs.

    4. Maximizing ROI.

    As part of your assessment, the Automation Consultation will provide an estimation of time savings

    “ Other firms that have worked with Thomson Reuters received over 70% efficiency gains year-over-year after evaluating how to automate their extension process. Any time we can help firms achieve more means they’re going to keep their staff happy, distribute the workload evenly, and allow them to create new value-added opportunities to do more inside their firm.”

    Allen Stahl, Strategic Technology Sales Manager, Thomson Reuters

    5. Automation in action!

    Your Automation Consultation will help you in prioritizing and implementing the recommendations to unleash the full power of automation at your firm.

    One of the most important considerations in creating your automation roadmap is ensuring that your systems can communicate with one another. Technology providers that embrace other companies’ tech and create open APIs that allow disparate systems to work together bring another level of value to accounting firms.

    “It’s not just about APIs, it’s about time savings. But it’s also about savings in mental health. At the end of the day, the last thing that you want is to have skilled workers doing mundane work, such as repetitive, consistent data entry. Those skilled, talented workers could be providing value elsewhere.”

    Peter Walker, Berkowitz Pollack Brandt

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