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UltraTax 1040 30th Anniversary Customer Testimonial Video

Happy 30th anniversary to UltraTax CS 1040 and helping firms serve their clients!

Hear about the power of UltraTax CS and its integration capabilities from other professionals in the industry

Tim Downing/Downing & Company Testimonial Video

Improved tax workflow
Tim Downing, owner of Downing & Company, explains what changed and the savings they have seen through the ease of use within UltraTax.

Joe Montgomery/Montgomery & Company, CPAs Testimonial Video

Greater speed and output
Hear from Joe Montgomery, managing partner at Montgomery & Company, CPAs how UltraTax helps them accomplish more with speed and confidence.

Craig Delfino/Delfino & Associates Testimonial Video

Tax preparation from start to finish
Craig Delfino, partner at Delfino & Associates, shares how UltraTax helps them efficiently prepare and deliver returns to produce larger volume with less effort.

Peter Mayolo/Mayolo & Associates Testimonial Video

Software at the core of the firm
Hear from Peter Mayolo, Owner/President of Mayolo & Associates how UltraTax helps process returns and enhances their ability to do advisory services.

Chris Peden/Peden & Associates Testimonial Video

Easing the burden of tax season
Chris Peden, Owner/Managing Partner of Peden & Associates discusses their journey with UltraTax and the impact its had on the firm.

Brent Forbush/Forbush & Associates CPAs Testimonial Video

The key to any tax practice
Hear from Brent Forbush, Managing Partner at Forbush & Associates how UltraTax is a part of their daily workflow and its integration with other software in the CS Professional Suite.

Professional tax software

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