Tax & Accounting

Recommended Products

    • Checkpoint Edge

      A powerful tax and accounting research tool. Get more accurate and efficient results with the power of AI, cognitive computing, and machine learning.

    • UltraTax CS

      Provides a full line of federal, state, and local programs. Save time with tax planning, preparation, and compliance.

    • SurePrep 1040SCAN

      Automate workpaper preparation and eliminate data entry

Trade & Supply

Recommended Products

    • Foreign Trade Zone Management

      Software that keeps supply chain data in one central location. Optimize operations, connect with external partners, create reports and keep inventory accurate.

    • Indirect Tax

      Automate sales and use tax, GST, and VAT compliance. Consolidate multiple country-specific spreadsheets into a single, customizable solution and improve tax filing and return accuracy.

Risk & Fraud

Recommended Products

    • CLEAR

      Search volumes of data with intuitive navigation and simple filtering parameters. Prevent, detect, and investigate crime.

    • Fraud Detect

      Identify patterns of potentially fraudulent behavior with actionable analytics and protect resources and program integrity.

    • ID Risk Analytics

      Analyze data to detect, prevent, and mitigate fraud. Focus investigation resources on the highest risks and protect programs by reducing improper payments.

Professional tax software

Less time spent on returns and more time returned to you with UltraTax CS 

Professional tax preparation software with a full line of federal, state, and local tax programs that cut your tax workflow time and increase your productivity

Optimize your workflow and increase profitability

Efficient and seamless

Move quickly and connect all the dots with UltraTax CS. You can link business entities and personal tax returns via data sharing throughout the CS suite, pull in previous year data that links directly to input fields, and email missing data to clients — all with the click of a button.

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Advanced returns made easy

Let UltraTax CS make it easier to prepare multistate returns. Automatic allocation worksheets and pre-submission dynamic diagnostics make it easy to spot errors, ensuring complex returns are accurate before filing. We’re also here to help you along the way — access the Help and How-to Center from anywhere in the application.

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Ready to adapt and integrate to your needs

UltraTax CS can expand across workspaces and devices and will optimize all aspects of your business with the integrated, full CS suite. View your relevant information — including input, forms, prior year input, diagnostics, and more — all at once, on multiple monitors; go fully paperless; and get what you need faster with e-signature and e-filing.

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Get even more out of UltraTax CS with the power of integration

Onvio Firm Management

Cloud-based accounting software that includes document management, time and billing, and online client portals.

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Workpapers CS

Powerful tax workpaper and trial balance software that lets you collaborate and share documents in real time.

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Fixed Assets CS

Fixed asset and depreciation software that ensures accurate inventory control and asset tracking for taxes and bookkeeping.

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Planner CS

Tax planning software that helps you devise strategies to help clients get ahead of their tax filings.

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Practice CS

Enjoy painless billing and resource tracking for your firm with this award-winning practice management software.

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Accounting CS

Reduce data entry: all-in-one accounting software with write up, trial balance, financial statements, payroll, and more.

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The value of UltraTax CS

See how UltraTax CS works

Learn how you can save time and reduce your workload at each stage of the process. 

Our 2022 version is available now

Find out why these tax professionals chose UltraTax CS

“UltraTax helps us do our job better from the standpoint that you don’t have to do redundant data entry.” 

Gary Brown
Owner/Principal/Managing Director, Gary R. Brown CPA, LLC

“What I have found with UltraTax is that it [seamlessly] integrated with a lot of our other products so that helped in our productivity.” 

Robert C. Jones
President and Founder, RC Jones & Associates Inc

“We use [UltraTax] every day. It is an impactful tool and the key to any tax practice.” 

Brent Forbush
Managing Partner, Forbush & Associates CPAs