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Changes in the global trade landscape show no signs of slowing down. Your company needs automated, intelligent tools to stay on top of new trade regulations, supply chain disruptions, and associated business impacts.

Our AI-powered classification engine, Smart HS, instantly provides 6-digit HS classifications for products in more than 170 countries. Reduce the time you spend on classification activity and avoid delays associated with classification errors. Sign up for a free trial

The ONESOURCE Analyzer Suite is a set of decision support tools that help you visualize “what if” scenarios and identify the best trade lanes to source your products. You can research costs, consider preferential duty and ADD/CVD rates before sourcing decisions are made, and run multiple scenarios to inform strategic decision-making. Sign up for a free trial

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Smart HS

Fast, easy, and accurate product classification

Automate 6-digit classifications and select fully-qualified HS numbers with confidence using Smart HS.

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ONESOURCE Analyzer Suite

Compare new and existing trade lanes

Visualize “what if” scenarios for multiple trade lanes and plan new import and export strategies with the ONESOURCE Analyzer Suite.