Leveraging technology to build your firm's culture



Marc Staut
Shareholder and Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

Embrace the power of technology as a tool to ensure a thriving workplace

Learn how to develop a strong company culture with technology that supports remote work, enhances team collaboration, embraces diversity, and promotes mental health. You’ll also acquire practical tips for creating a tech-savvy, inclusive, and empathetic workplace.

  • Marc Staut

    Shareholder, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Boomer Consulting, Inc.

    Marc Staut, Shareholder and Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at Boomer Consulting, Inc., helps meet the growing needs of CPA firms by leveraging his experience to provide strategic technology assessments, planning, visioning, and coaching. He feels that “technology should be an enabler — something that’s approachable, aligned with and integral to the success of each firm.”

    Marc is a regular speaker, author, and panelist in the accounting profession, discussing cloud computing, mobile technology, leadership, and vision.

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