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Accounting and auditing solutions 

All the tools you need to simplify and improve the complex daily tasks of audit and accounting

Better software for better accounting

Enable your firm to accomplish more with Thomson Reuters tools and guidance

Enhance all aspects of your audit and accounting work to deliver premium service to your clients:

  • Automate and standardize your firm’s workflow to operate at peak efficiency 
  • Access powerful reporting, research, and document management tools so your team can access the information they need from anywhere, anytime 
  • Upskill your team with training for all skill levels

Audit workflow

Save time and keep your firm running efficiently with solutions that help manage and standardize your audit workflow.

Checkpoint Engage

Cloud-based audit management software that uses a guided engagement process. Increase your efficiency with audits, reviews, compilations, and preparation.

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Standardize and automate global financial statement preparation with global disclosure management solutions.

Statutory Reporting software

Simplify the preparation of global financial statements with cloud-based disclosure management software. Access templates for 45+ jurisdictions and translate reports into English.

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Accounting and financial management

Operate your firm at peak efficiency with better document management, team collaboration, and reporting capabilities that come together to deliver both guidance and engagement for your clients.

Workpapers CS

Centralize documents and use the same data across your entire direct tax process. Push and pull information from different applications, create controls, and audit trails around existing spreadsheets.

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Engagement compilation and review

Put the information you need at your fingertips: get powerful reporting capabilities, centralized document management, and help your team collaborate seamlessly.

ONESOURCE Workpapers

Attain advanced technology to pull or push data from other applications. Build calculations, summary schedules, and data comparisons within the familiar environment of Microsoft® Excel.

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Guidance and standards

Powerful research and reporting tools to help you get the information you need and enable you to make informed decisions.

Checkpoint Catalyst

Adapt to a changing business landscape with powerful web-based tax research tools. Make informed decisions based on expert guidance and use decision trees and what-if scenarios to analyze your situation.

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Internal audit and controls

Tools to upskill your team’s expertise with training courses that match each individual's level of experience.

AuditWatch University

Grow your auditing team's expertise with courses that match each individual's level of experience. Choose from seven levels of training and development — from entry level to senior management.

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Quality control

Get secure confirmation quickly and ensure users are who they say they are.


Easy, fast, and secure confirmation with a global validated network. Send 100+ confirmation types with a guaranteed response and save time for your clients with a single, digital signer authorization.

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