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The Thomson Reuters family of tax guidance and tax research solutions help you work quickly, reach globally, and stay on top of changing trends:

  • Regulatory guidance across all 51 U.S. districts, Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • Integrated solutions from the Checkpoint and ONESOURCE® product suites
  • Human-centered research driven by powerful machine learning

Federal tax

Save your tax department hours with secure, accurate solutions for U.S. federal and state tax research and corporate tax e-filing.

Tax Information Reporting

Meet federal and state regulations with e-filing for all U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Track withholdings, B-notices, penalty notices, W-8 and W-9 forms, TIN data, and penalty abatements.

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State and local tax

Simplify compliance research for multi-tier business entities and save valuable time with Thomson Reuters tax solutions.

Checkpoint State Clear Comply

Compliance research workflow for multi-tier business entities. Identify reporting and other filing requirements and create direct state filing obligation reports for each entity.

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International tax

Solutions for corporate tax planning to achieve global compliance: stay up to date on tax deadlines per country, cross-border transactions, international tax filing laws, and more.

International Tax Calculator

Navigate the complexities of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act's (TCJA) international provisions. Ensure accurate calculations, import and export data at the click of a button, and analyze what-if scenarios.

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Tax laws and regulations

Everything you need to complete your global tax requirements quickly, easily, and with greater confidence.

Orbitax Change Reports

Track and notify stakeholders of changes to international tax laws and receive curated reports outlining changes and impacts. Easily share important updates with key contacts and stakeholders.

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Partnership taxation

Schedules K-1 and their supplemental work papers can be complex, but Thomson Reuters K-1 Analyzer aggregates the information for easy reporting of income, losses, and deductions by business partnerships, LLCs, and S corporations.

K-1 Analyzer

Extract, review, and aggregate complex K-1 information. Stop manually keying in data and cut the risk of entry errors, instead, spend your time reviewing, analyzing, and gaining insights from your data.

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Research powered by AI

Tax research tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to get targeted search results in less time.

Checkpoint Edge

A powerful tax and accounting research tool. Get more accurate and efficient results with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, and machine learning.

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Specialized industry taxation

Thomson Reuters has partnered with Ledgible to provide your firm with cryptocurrency tax reporting software that streamlines the compliance workflow process.

Ledgible Crypto Tax Pro

Provide cryptocurrency tax planning and advisory services. Streamline workflow and compliance with this crypto tax reporting software, as well as calculate taxes, trace transactions, and automate reporting.

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Credits and incentives

Discover research and guidance solutions for credits and incentives from Thomson Reuters, trusted by tax and accounting professionals worldwide.

Credits and Incentives Solutions

Help your clients take advantage of tax credits and incentives. Search statutory and discretionary incentives by jurisdiction, credit, or industry.

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Uncertain tax positions

Access the tools necessary to analyze and report uncertain tax positions and shorten the time during financial close.

Uncertain Tax Positions module

Keep an organized inventory of your positions, calculate tax and interest for each, and report on them with a full audit trail. Get the information you need to make decisions about what to disclose.

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