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Here are some of the ways tax and accounting professionals are leveraging Thomson Reuters AI capabilities.

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SurePrep 1040SCAN

1040SCAN auto-verifies optical character recognition data for 65% of standard documents, greatly reducing the need for manual data entry.

  • Save time while completing tax returns for previous clients while also ensuring accuracy.
  • Preemptively see what fields you used for a client before based on their tax documents.

Cloud Audit Suite

Assisted Decision Making uses AI to proactively suggest risks related to the ones you have identified.

  • Get suggestions for potential risks based on your engagement and which risks other auditors have identified.
  • Ensure anonymity with the automatic removal of firm and client names for risks flagged by other auditors.

AI features in development

AI-Assisted Research for Checkpoint Edge

With AI-Assisted Research on Checkpoint Edge, we’re redefining how tax professionals work. This conversational interface will deliver straightforward answers to your questions just as if you were speaking directly to a trusted subject matter expert or advisor.

Auto-categorization for TaxCaddy

Auto-categorization is an AI-powered solution designed to streamline the tax document-gathering process. By automatically splitting and categorizing uploaded tax documents, it will efficiently address document requests generated by CPA firms.

Smart Analysis for Cloud Audit Suite

Smart Analysis enhances Cloud Audit Suite capabilities by enabling users to understand data population more thoroughly and know where risk resides. Results include reduced testing time and a higher level of confidence in your work.

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