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India GST

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Why choose ONESOURCE Determination for India GST

In 2017, India’s new Goods and Services Tax (GST) introduced significant operational and compliance challenges for companies doing business in India — and the Indian government continues to change GST regulations. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Determination for India GST is the only end-to-end GST software on the market. Use it to manage India's latest GST calculation, compliance, and reporting on all your Indian operations, helping you avoid penalties and overpayments.

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How will the Indian GST affect my business?

Goods and Services Tax Network CEO Prakash Kumar discusses the impact of India’s new GST with Prashant Pillai of Thomson Reuters.


What you get with our comprehensive India GST software

Goods and Services Tax determination

Integrate with ERP and other financial systems systems to determine GST on all financial transactions.

Compliance support

We track changes in legislation for you, integrate with India's GST Network, and automate production and filing of GST returns.

Implementation support

Our tax experts guide you through all stages of GST implementation.

Comprehensive India coverage

Ensure you're covered for required India tax types including CGST, SGST, and IGST.

What is GST?

Take a closer look at GST — the greatest tax reform since Indian independence — including its effect on both federal and state taxes. This e-book offers insights from KPMG and Thomson Reuters into optimizing your approach to the new regulations.

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