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ONESOURCE Business System Integrations
Seamlessly connect our indirect tax software with your ERP and financial systems

Why choose business system integrations

With Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Determination, you can keep using the business systems you know and love, while improving the way you manage global transaction tax. Our software seamlessly connects with your existing ERP, CRM, e-commerce, or POS platform to make sure tax calculation and compliance is consistent across your company worldwide.

You can choose an on-premise version of Determination or run it in the cloud, and it will work with whichever business systems your company uses. You don’t need to worry about complex software implementations, since we use standard APIs to connect Determination to your software behind the scenes for a seamless experience. You can tailor your integration to your specific workflow processes, so you'll be up and running with little to no downtime.

What you get with our business system integrations

Connect your systems

Consolidate data and streamline processes with real-time, 2-way communication between your different business systems.

Get instant insights

Make better, faster decisions with a more holistic view of real-time transaction and customer data.

Improve efficiency

Eliminate manual setup and maintenance of tax data in your business system, since ONESOURCE provides a unified tax solution.

Ease global tax burdens with automated indirect tax management

Companies of all sizes face common challenges when it comes to the increasing complexity of the global tax landscape and the immense volumes of data needed to calculate sales and use tax effectively. But, there's a solution to address these demands. See how automation can elevate your transaction tax management process by downloading the latest white paper from Thomson Reuters, KPMG, and CIO.

Get pre-built integrations with leading ERP systems

Want to develop your own integrations?

Join our Development Partner Program to build the next great application using ONESOURCE Determination technologies.

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