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What is a Taxologist?

Noun [taks-ol-uh-jist] A tax professional that excels in the use of technology to maximize tax function effectiveness.

How do you stay ahead in a dynamic tax world? When regulatory complexity, growing globalization, increased scrutiny and internal pressures burden tax departments worldwide, you can struggle to stay afloat—or you can rise above it all as a Taxologist.

Taxologists are tax professionals who embrace technology to yield remarkable results.

They expand their thinking and increase collaboration in their organization. Their actions generate impact far greater than themselves. They are problem solvers. They challenge the status quo.

Learn about the stories of real-life Taxologists and start your own Taxologist journey with the resources below!

Meet the Taxologists


The Deep Dive: Dissecting the Future of Tax Technology

Our experts examine the rise of the taxologist, the importance of tax domain knowledge, designing and building new solutions for the tax market, and determining the right solutions for clients.

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