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Get to know the solutions of Thomson Reuters cloud audit suite

Thomson Reuters Cloud Audit Suite

Thomson Reuters cloud audit suite allows the seamless collaboration of audit technology, streamlining the engagement management process of your audits, reviews, compilations, and preparations with the most effective and efficient methodology on the market today. View the reasons why the powerful integration of AdvanceFlow®, Checkpoint Engage®, and Confirmation is essential to your firm’s winning strategy.

Experience a seamless workflow with the only true confirmation service:

Benefits and Solutions
AdvanceFlow Checkpoint Engage Confirmation  Cloud Audit Suite
Customize security settings for your team's specific access needs  
Tools you need for complex audits available anywhere, without worrying about downloads, software installations, or updates
Perform multiple tasks at once and use accessible templates to complete the most data-intensive jobs easily    
Working trial balance, fast imports, and sophisticated filtering    
Ensure only authorized users can access documents on the platform or via email using multiple layers of security
Allow each staff member to tailor their workspace to fit their job    
Automate PBC workflow    
Easy and effective risk assessment analysis    
Identify transactions that have high risks of fraud or error    
Easily share information with your audit team while accessing and working on engagements simultaneously
Design a customized audit program based on your documented risks and assertions to prevent over-auditing    
Comprehensive coverage of expert-authored content for a wide breadth of specialized industries    
Ensure you and your staff always have the latest version of a document  
Connect globally and easily coordinate fieldwork and review processes across locations
Communicate securely with third parties through a validated network of banks and law firms    
Send audit confirmations for bank, legal, account receivables, and employee benefit plans to anyone with an email address    
Integrated into AdvanceFlow for easy submission, tracking, and downloading of confirmations to AdvanceFlow workpapers    

Cloud Audit Suite

Audit technology enabling real-time digital collaboration between audit teams and clients