Indirect tax engine

Harness the power of automation with ONESOURCE Determination 

Calculating, collecting, and reporting indirect tax gets more complicated as a business grows. Take the risk out of the equation and automate processes that drive greater efficiency with numbers you can count on.

What can ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination do for you?

Simplify your indirect tax calculations

Calculate your indirect taxes with an automated solution for global sales tax, use tax, GST, VAT, and excise tax.

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Seamlessly connect all your business systems

Connect to ERP, financial, billing, e-commerce, POS, or payment systems through pre-built and custom integrations.

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Avoid errors with confidence

Reduce the risk of audit-triggering mistakes using our in-house expertise, backed by SSAE 18 and ISAE 3402 certified processes.

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Customize tax rules and policies

Ensure global tax liability and compliance needs are met by creating custom tax rules and policies no matter where you are located.

Improve tax engine performance

Maximize control, performance, and reliability with our new edge-computing deployment, ONESOURCE Determination Anywhere.

Rely on a single source of truth

Manage indirect tax calculation and reporting from a single source across all business systems.

The value of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Determination

See how it works

Watch the video and learn how ONESOURCE Determination simplifies configuring a company structure, setting up tax calculations for global jurisdictions, streamlining tax returns, and more.

Manage product and service-specific taxability.

Tailor an integration to a specific workflow or process without disrupting the business.

Use standard APIs to connect ONESOURCE Determination to business workflows, applications, or platforms without a complex software implementation.