International trade and supply chain

Global trade compliance and management solutions

Simplify your entire global trade management process with trade compliance information and facilitation tools that automate routine tasks, give you compliance confidence, and save time

Comprehensive collection of foreign trade regulations and regulatory knowledge

Access to the most current regulatory trade data available from over 210 countries and territories

Helping you meet international trade challenges with confidence:

  • Access up-to-date regulatory import and export information
  • Identify opportunities to qualify goods and reduce supply chain costs
  • Streamline and automate your classification workflow for imports and exports
  • Automatically screen your suppliers and customers for risks and compliance

Global export compliance and management

Leading global trade compliance software from Thomson Reuters.

ONESOURCE® Export Management

Simplify your supply chain with the leading global export compliance and management software. Reduce risk and improve compliance by managing dependencies and delays.

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Global trade analysis

Identify risk and savings opportunities with global trade analysis software.

ONESOURCE Trade Analysis

International trade analysis software. Identify potential risks and develop long-range plans for managing multiple trade lanes. Compare duty rates and estimate potential deferral program savings.

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Denied party screening

Feel secure doing business with your local and global partners.

ONESOURCE Denied Party Screening

Denied party screening software that validates customers and suppliers. Leverage the power of global researchers with a screening process that integrates with ERP/CRM/SRM systems.

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