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ONESOURCE & You: Better Together

Thomson Reuters is changing the way tax departments work. Our ONESOURCE software and services empower tax professionals to take their work to new levels and make strides they never thought possible–turning them into the rock stars of their companies.

“Improvements such as timely, accurate and auditable information have enhanced the credibility of our tax team. This has improved our ability to focus on more value-added activities and assist Delphi achieve their goals and objectives.”
– Delphi Automotive

“We did not have to type the numbers in; we let the numbers compute themselves. This change has made it so that those helping my group with the calculations don’t need to work overtime.”
– AstraZeneca

Year after year, Thomson Reuters provides customers with reliable expertise, implementation, training and support. Our dedicated customers rely on ONESOURCE for the technology to improve their tax processes, and stay with ONESOURCE for their viability as a long-term partner. We listen to our customer’s feedback and use their guidance to direct investments in our products and services, developing solutions that solve their complex tax needs.  With ONESOURCE, our customers have proven they can shorten their financial close, complete faster returns and improve processes:

Astra Zeneca automated 75% of their book-to-tax adjustments

Jones Lang LaSalle moved their transfer pricing in-house and saved $30,000 to $50,000 annually

Commercial Metals saved 4 days adjusting US deferreds

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals saw an 80% reduction in tax provision and return adjustments

That’s why it’s no surprise that in a third party survey*, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE was ranked as a leading vendor in areas of awareness, satisfaction and reputation.


  • Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE viewed as a long-term tax technology partner
  • Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE delivers and puts customers first
  • Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE highly recommended as a top technology solution
  • Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE ranked highly for what users want most–speed, accuracy and integrity


*About Outsell
The study was conducted by Outsell. Outsell, Inc. is the world’s only research and advisory firm based solely on the information industry.